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Stages of learning

Daniel Blackwood Jr.

Website and software developer with 15 years of experience, author of the book “The Path of a Programmer”, works in the Russian and English-speaking markets. An expert of the highest level with many years of practice.

About Us

Academik School was founded in 2020 as an innovative teaching structure with a modern approach to education through gamefication and student engagement.

No boring mumble and memorization, all skills are trained interactively and lead you to the result.

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Writing Skills + Certificate

After completing the academic training course, you will receive a certificate that confirms that you are investing in self-education. You can use it to attract clients or when applying for a job.

4 week Course «Academic Writing»

In 4 weeks you will learn every aspect of academic writing from research, to getting orders and getting paid.  You will take a difficult and interesting path.

Our academic writing training course is designed to foster your writing skills and offer you industry tips and nuggets of wisdom to get you started on your journey to making money with online writing.

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